International Real Estate Investments

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The allure of luxurious international properties has captivated an increasing number of Americans, particularly those who hold my heart, my fellow Texans, who harbor the spirit of international adventure. Embracing this trend, many are now choosing to invest in properties in Mexico and other exotic destinations further south. The appeal extends beyond mere ownership; it's about curating unforgettable experiences. Imagine indulging in the opulence of your own international haven or jetting off to exotic locales for an exclusive getaway. The perks of short-term rental property investments in these paradisiacal locations are not just promising; they practically ensure a swift and positive return on investment. 

At Travis Lee Moore Realty, we've dedicated years to fostering meaningful relationships with key players in these sought-after destinations and beyond. Our involvement in Global Real Estate Committee receptions opens doors to endless possibilities. Every event introduces us to exceptional counterparts and unveils exciting development opportunities worldwide. Your dream of owning a slice of international luxury or embarking on a getaway to exotic destinations is within reach, and we're here to make it a reality. Join us on this journey of opulence and exploration!

Playa del Carmen

Playa is home to one of our favorite counterparts, SIMCA Real Estate Development. Properties are located in central locations with access to everything and there is a price-point to suit any pocket book!


Tulum is another beautiful, beach-side destination. A little less well developed and cosmopolitan than Playa, but definitely not short on sophistication and charm.


Belize is it's own country and everyone is bilingual, making it a top-pick for many. You can be as on or off the grid as you like. Wherever you wind up, it's gorgeous!


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